About the blog

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Welcome to a la code, a tech lifestyle blog! I started a la code to document my journey as a woman working in tech. My aim is to inspire others in a more accessible and inclusive medium. 

The blog's name, a la code, was inspired by a la mode, which is French for, in the style, and my love for technology. I've found that being feminine and working in tech is an evident rarity. I believe these two factors should be mutually inclusive, not exclusive. The concept of tech and who can design, invent, and produce it needs to be thought of as a viable future for all people.
My hope is that this blog will spark conversation and help set ablaze a future world in which the percentage of women working in technology today is but a fraction of the women dominating the tech industry tomorrow.

About me

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Hi! I'm Cori and I'm the blogger behind the blog. Born somewhere in between central Pennsylvania’s chocolate factories, cheesesteaks, and Amish country, I’m now a transplant living in San Francisco. I work as a Product Manager at a tech company by day and moonlight as a lifestyle blogger.

In my spare time, when I’m away from the keyboard, I volunteer and serve as a leader of several organizations promoting diversity and inclusion for women and people of color in tech. 

A self-proclaimed fashionista, I’ve spent the last few years finding my own personal style. As a professional in the tech industry, I’ve found it very easy to default to wearing “tech” tees, sweatpants, and hoodies. However, I’ve found that the extra effort I put into looking and feeling my best has helped build my confidence both in and outside of work and has provided me with an outlet in which to be creative and connect with others out there like you.

So, be sure to follow along as I provide insight into finding and owning your personal style and fun alternatives to the traditional “tech” tee and sweatpants.