On the Road: What To See And Do In London


How goes it, friends? I recently returned from a work trip to London and I wanted to share some new favorite finds with y'all.  

If you didn't know, I love musical theater. I used to perform in musicals in middle school and high school and in community theaters. While I don't perform anymore, I now consider myself a patron of the arts. So, whenever I'm traveling to a major metropolis, I always try to find time to make it out to a musical. During this trip, I was fortunate enough to be able to score rush tickets to see Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theater. Everything from the set to the talent was top notch. If you're in London, I highly recommend making time to catch a performance. 


After the show, walk a couple blocks and treat yourself to Shake Shack. If you've been following me for awhile, you know that I LOVE Shake Shack. Unfortunately, Shake Shack hasn't made its way out to San Francisco yet, so every time I come to London, I make it my mission to get my Shake Shack fix. In case you're wondering, I always order the Shroom Burger with onion and a side of crinkle-cut fries.


Finally, my favorite new find was the London Grace nail bar in SoHo. I don't usually paint my nails and I rarely have them painted professionally, but I could not resist walking into the perfection that is London Grace. I had gels done for the first time and while a bit pricey, I'm now obsessed. I opted for a classic nude colored nail polish and a glass of champagne. Usually, ten minutes after my nails are dry, they're also chipped. However, with gels, I scraped and scratched my nails up against different surfaces and to my surprise, no chips! They've lasted for about three weeks now and I definitely plan to keep making the investment moving forward. So, grab a glass of champagne or a cocktail and get ready to be pampered.

Have you been to London? If so, where have you been? Share your recommendations in the comments below!



Photo credit: JKG Photography