Last-Minute Gifts For Everyone

girl in green dress holding an ornament

Happy Christmas Eve, friends! Today, I’m doing a last-minute gift roundup featuring gifts everyone is sure to love. The best part is that you don’t even have to leave the house to get and give the majority of the gifts! So, sit back, snuggle up, and get ready to give! 

Gifts of adventure

  • Away - for the wanderer in your life, gift them an Away gift card so they can soar and sail away in style! Use my discount code here for $$$ off your purchase.
  • Lo & Sons - From the perfect travel backpack, overnight bags, a sleek and stylish camera bag, and everything in between, a Lo & Sons gift card will allow anyone to travel light and look smart. 
  • Airbnb - Give them the gift of adventure. Once they are ready to jet set, have them use my discount code here for $$$ off their first trip. 

Gifts of time

  • Handy - Give the gift of a clean home. Give them a gift card for a home cleaning and let them sit back and relax. When they're ready to book their first cleaning, have them use my discount code here for $$$ off their first booking. 
  • DoorDash - Quench thirst and satiate hunger and give them a DoorDash gift card to order their favorite foods on-demand. When they're ready to book their first order, have them use my discount code here for $$$ off their first order. 
  • Task-Rabbit - Give the gift of time. TaskRabbit offers same-day help with chores and errands. Which means they’ll have more free time to do things they enjoy – like hanging out with you! When they're ready to book their first task, have them use my discount code here for $$$ off their first task. 

Gifts that give

  • Package Free Shop - For the person in your life who is already or is looking to transition into the low-waste lifestyle, give them jumpstart with a gift card to the Package Free Shop!
  • Tickets - Have someone on your list that loves getting dressed up and going out? Gift them a ticket to a charity gala or another charitable event. It's the gift that keeps giving. If you're in the Bay Area, consider purchasing a ticket to the Breath of Life Gala
  • Donation - Does the person on your list have a favorite cause or charity? If so, consider making a tax-deductible gift in their name. Here are a few great organizations to consider: Water MissionEnvironmental Defense Fund, and Meals on Wheels, 

Gifts that won't break the bank

  • Make a meal - For someone special, especially those whose Love Languages are service and/or time, consider making them a meal. The best part? It's only costs the price of the ingredients and your labor of love. 
  • Photos - My family LOVES receiving photos of me and of the places I've traveled to. Send them merry moments for less than a dollar at Target's online photoshop. Not going to get to see them in person this year? Order prints online and have them printed at your loved one's local store for easy and convenient pick-up!
  • Write a letter - If you read one of my latest posts on the blog, you'll know that I recently rallied people from all around the world to send my grandfather letters to make his last birthday a little more special. So, pick up a pen and paper and tell that special person in your life how you feel because if not now, when?

Still feeling stressed? Remember that the holidays aren't about what we give or what we receive, it's about the act of being generous with our blessings. Have a safe and happy holiday!


Photo credit: Andrew Ho