A La Code: Cache


Today’s tech topic is Cache (pronounced like “cash” money 💰).  A Cache stores data or information such as website addresses and preferences so that future requests for that information can be served faster, providing you with an enhanced user experience.

Think of a Cache like your closet or, in this case, your online virtual closet.  It’s where you keep all of your clothes you purchased from the store and the store represents the web server. When you need a piece of clothing, you retrieve it from your closet just like how your web server can quickly retrieve cached websites from your Cache as you're browsing the web. At anytime if you want to make room for more clothing or if something’s no longer your style, you can cull your closet just like an online cache.

Ready to cull your online closet, Cache? Search your browser's Help menu for "clear cache". Pro-tip: press CTRL-Shift-Delete if you’re using a PC or Command-Shift-Delete if you’re using a Mac.

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Photo credit: JKG Photography