Offline: Be The CSS To Your Own HTML


If you’re reading this, it’s likely Valentine’s Day. I know this day can be hard for a lot of people but I want to encourage you. You have value and are significant whether or not you have a significant other. So while you’re waiting, if you’re waiting, don’t wait to become the whole person you’re meant to be.  


Build yourself up and develop a strong foundation from which you can foster not only healthy relationships but also strong friendships. 


Embrace being alone. During my first solo trip, somewhere between Madrid and Lisbon on a night train, I realized being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely. Spend time with yourself and find solace in self. You have to learn how to love yourself before you can accept the love you deserve from someone else. 


Let go and let love. I’ve found that, at times, we get in the way of love. We sometimes get so focused on what love should look like or when it should come into our lives that we don’t realize the love which already exists in our lives and we limit the love that is yet to come into our lives. 

So beginning today but not just on this day, let’s vow to not wait to become the people we’re meant to be, let’s embrace being alone but not lonely, and let’s let love in, in its various forms and in its own time.  


Photo credit: TRTH Studios