Hello, World

Girl with laptop sitting at desk

Happy Monday!

If you’ve ever taken any sort of programming course, you’ll know that “Hello, world” is usually the first line of code that you’ll commit (commit is the term for “publish”) when learning a new programming language. So, I found it fitting to make my first post a “Hello, world” introduction to all of you out there circling the globe .

My name is Cori and I’m a transplant living in the not-always-sunny San Francisco. I work as a Product Manager at a tech company by day and moonlight as a lifestyle blogger.

In this industry, I've found that being feminine and working in tech is an evident rarity.  I believe these two factors should be mutually inclusive, not exclusive. I started A La Code to document my personal journey as a woman working in tech, but this wasn’t my only motive.  I hope to also inspire readers to explore a career in tech and to find and claim their own style while doing so.

This blog has been a long time coming and I’m excited to finally share it with you. I’ll be posting style inspiration, exploration of technical concepts, and insights as a professional in the industry a few times each week.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about my blog and me, visit my about section here. Want to collaborate or say, “Hi”? Drop me a line here.


Photo credit: Andrew Ho