A La Code: Proxies


Happy almost Friday, friends! Today’s tech topic is proxies. What is a proxy? It’s like a celebrity's management team who filters all of their fan mail and business inquiries. The team speaks on behalf of and controls all access to the celebrity. In computer networks, a proxy server acts as an intermediary that anonymizes our requests for content on the Internet.

So, why should you care? Proxies allow us to remain anonymous as we explore the Internet. It provides us with an additional layer of security that helps defeat malware and viruses. Alternatively, proxies enable us to block specific content from passing through our networks, which is how certain countries restrict citizens’ access to various websites. Finally, proxy servers can cache commonly utilized websites, increasing the speed at which you can access information and content (think of caching like a closet that temporarily stores the websites you’ve visited so that your computer can quickly access the data on repeat visits to those websites). Pretty cool, huh? Interested in reading more about proxies? Feel free to peruse these resources below:

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Photocredit: Andrew Ho